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Punta del Este, Uruguay

By Ken Looi   Punta del Este is a city and resort on the Atlantic Coast at the southern tip of Uruguay.  It is about 2 hrs bus ride from Montevideo. We took a bus from Tres Cruces terminal in Montevideo.  The bus is WIFI equipped.  In the summer, Punta del Este has more tourist than … [Read More...]

The Enchanting Doors of Siena Italy

Siena, is in the Tuscany region of Italy, south of Florence. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Which means there are lots of ancient buildings in this city.   It was once, one of the wealthiest cities in Europe. Right at the heart of town is Piazza del Campo. As you … [Read More...]

The Joy of All You Can Eat

Make sure your tummy is totally empty when you plan to go for the All You Can Eat…gotta make it worth the amount you pay! Just eat for lunch and dinner and you pay for one and get two meals. Ever felt like saying those words to yourself or to your company who are going with you to an All You … [Read More...]

Web Content Writing Mom: Portable Lifestyle

Dropped off my kids to help in church at the annual Vacation Bible School and off I went to the local Barnes and Noble to work. No, I don’t work for Barnes and Noble. I work for myself as a freelance writer. I have a portable office that consists of a laptop, an iPhone, papers, a notebook … [Read More...]

Web Content Writing : Native Speakers Only

You can do this. You have everything inside of you to write about your experiences. With that I left for the airport. But my insecurity and frustration rose as I read this description: experienced native English speakers … What the…as if I don’t qualify to write contents. As … [Read More...]

Content Writing for Teens

While I was away last weekend, my teens took over the reign of writing my blog post. I am so proud of their effort… not a word was edited by me except the title.They have inspired me to run a competition for a teen guest content writer. Parents do you have teens between the ages of 13 and 19 who … [Read More...]